Stars and Stripes

Play Your Hand - Part One

The town of San Verde stands on the last out crop of civilisation where the Veridian Prairie buffs up against Scorched Rock Valley.

In the centre of town is the gambling den Play Your Hand Tavern run by “Brawny” Graves .

On a lazy evening in summer Rex Bannon arrives here looking for a clue to find an old friend who clued him into a big fortune. That friend had disappeared possibly at the hands of some no good bandits in this here part of the wild west.

After scrounging for some change and buying himself a drink Rex Bannon was joined by a young Mexican bandito called Diego Sanchez who was also looking for some one. Il Jaguaro his brother from Mother Mexico who was once a great leader had betrayed the banditos and was responsible for the deaths of thousands of loyal Mexicans.

The Play Your Hand Tavern was getting busy and when three strangers entered the bar and sat down to play. “Brawny” Graves indicated that they might find someone at that table who could help them find the information they were looking for.

The two sat down and joined the game being introduced to their fellow card players: Damned Lawson; “Reverend” Tyler Willis and Isaac Pierce also known as “One-Eyed” Zack.

The 5 players gambled for long hours all the while testing and baiting each other. It wasn’t until the final hand when both Rex and Diego figured out that Old One Eye was their man.


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