You see ‘em vultures? They only circle over head like that when they’re near ready to feed. I don’t mind ‘em so much, if one lands here at least we got lunch. It’s the law I’m worried about, if they wanna catch us all they gots to do is follow the carrion.” – Rex Bannon

It’s hot. Damn hot. Some say it’s the hottest.. and weather like that just drives people to do the damnest things. The sun gone done and parked itself on our back door. Feels like the whole desert got set on fire. Not helping the dust much either.

Republica de Messico lost the war and the Bandito refugees are spreading like vermin over the Southern border. Up North the snow and ice is coming down thick, like they’re just making fun of us down here. Whole villages disappearing in a night and back East there’s talk of another civil war. Looks like the only good prospects are towards the ocean. They say it’s getting loco out there, people bringing back all kinds a crazy stories. But, you know stranger, I guess that’s why they don’t just call it the West.

Group Information

We’ve been playing together on and off for many years but this is our first venture with myself as a GM. Though the group is very small we have a great dynamic going on-line in our weekly Tuesday night game which we rotate GM (and with it campaign and system) cyclically every 6 sessions. We’re always hoping to get the whole group back together on-line but you know how it goes when you get other responsibilities.

Anyway here we are:


Myself, Jason Hickey. I’m an associate art director for a prominent games studio and concept artist so if any of you like the art work you will see in these pages and want to commission a character portrait or illustration come visit my blog.

  • Roger White. My companion in arms for many many years. Without him I may have even forgotten about the table top.
  • Sebastian Hickey. Director of Cobweb Games. The best GM there was or ever will be. Author of the controversial “Hell for Leather” which will be available in shops very soon!
  • Graham Kearney. He hasn’t played yet but we’ll get him back sooner or later. :)

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I’m still discovering this useful tool so if you have any suggestions they are more than welcome. Thanks for reading!

Stars and Stripes

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